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GLassFish server v3, the first J2EE compliant server!

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This blog entry is for starters ,who would like to start work on a server which has full compatibility with  J2EE 6. GlassFish server which was the first server to have compatibility with J2EE 6 was a brain child of Sun  Microsystem and now it has been passed on to Oracle after Sun’s acquisition by Oracle Corporation.

I have tried GlassFish on my NetBeans 6.9.1 IDE and it is very easy to work with, I always had a notion that application servers can never be as fast as Tomcat and this notion was changed when I started working on GlassFish which gives me a application server which runs my web projects with almost same speed as Tomcat,with speed I mean ,the development I did in my IDE requires to rebuild the application and deploy the servlets and JSP ,so the server restarts itself  again ,which for me could be time consuming, but after working with GlassFish I found out that it is faster than JBoss ,Webshpere and  WebLogic but also almost equivalent in speed with respect to Tomcat (whenever I restart the server).

I know some of you would like to challenge this ,but I am only imputing this for small web projects, which I think most of the developers would agree.

Benefits of GlassFish

  • Full compatibility with J2EE
  • Light weight Application server
  • Both opensource and commercial version available
  • Backed by earlier Sun Microsystems Inc now Oracle Corp
  • Bundled with NetBeans IDE
  • Full EJB support
  • JSF 2.0 Compliant and comes with its jar file already installed

How to get started

To get started , download Eclipse or NetBeans , unlike other IDE’s NetBeans comes bundled with GlassFish 3.0.1 (i.e. NetBeans 6.9.1) ;for Eclipse an adaptor for GlassFish needs to be installed.To deploy the application a binary will be available on the glassfish webpage.

Download page for GlassFish Server v3:

For more information the below links could provide more information:

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