How to change Visual Studio 2013 Theme to Visual Studio 2010

Tweet Well recently I started working on Visual Studio 2013 and I wanted my old Visual Studio 2010 theme back , so I started wondering about it and I found out its quit easy to change themes in visual studio 2013. Please follow the below steps if you want to do the same. First go […]

Benefits of using Linq to objects in your application

Tweet Well I have been using Linq in my applications for quit a while , the types of Linq in  .Net can be summarized as below : Linq to SQL Linq to Objects Linq to XML My favorite is  Linq to Objects. Now let me explain to you what benefits Linq to objects can bring to your application […]

Two must download free games on iOS (iPhone/iPad) in December

Tweet There are two excellent games in AppStore right now for free , I have been playing these two games for quit long  ,both of them have been created by  “Chillingo” and they hold the copyright for both of them : First one is  STORM TRAIN               This game has incredible […]

My review of Entity framework using Csharp in Asp.Net environment

Tweet Well to be honest I really didn’t like the new Entity framework , I have used Linq to SQL and now I am using Entity framework which can use Linq to entities or Entity SQL. My question is its good that it gives us strongly typed data and that when I decide to migrate […]

Power of joomla in creating dynamic websites! PART-1

Tweet What is a dynamic website , well a dynamic website is a site which acts on your response and gives you customized output , like a simple register form in which a user registers himself on a website and then he gets the rights to log into user area of that website , thats […]

How to get a JSF 2(Java Server Faces 2) session value in a Managed Bean

Tweet Well lately I was making an application in Java Server Faces 2.0 (JSF 2.0) and was stuck in a pridicament as to how to get a session value which I got from a form in Facelet (example my index.xhtml) to  a different Managed Bean which does some processing based on that session value later on in the […]

How to get started with Tomcat 6 Web server and how to install it on Linux and windows

Tweet Tomcat is a open source web server built from scratch by Apache foundation which is a non profit organization.Some of the FAQ’s you might have about Tomcat server are tried to be addressed by me: Q:What is Tomcat ? Ans: Its completely free web server , who’s binaries and source code are made available […]